About Etemad

Etemad co Ltd was established in 2009 and since then tried to received Ahmad Tea right and certificate to import its supreme quality tea to Thailand and finally by a long process could achieve all the relevant certificate to become Ahmad Tea Exclusive Agent in Thailand, now consider to one of the top tea company in Thailand.

We currently provide 72 different kind of Ahmad Tea products in Thailand and soon by next year we will provide our customers with Ahmad Ice Tea as well.

Our goal is to expand Ahmad Tea supreme quality tea across Thailand and provide excellent services with unique experience for our customers.

Etemad Company with its good investment and hard work has identified potential markets and in Thailand to expand Ahmad Tea here and aiming to become one of the top 3 tea companies by end of 2014 in Thailand and to achieve a greater market share we would expand in to most of supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, Tea houses and coffee shops in all provinces also we aim to introduce Ahmad Ice Tea into shopping malls and super market as well as providing unique taste ice tea following this we would like to convert Thailand into Ahmad Tea hub to allow us export Ahmad Ice Tea to all ASEAN countries.