Ahmad Tea’s Top UK Travel Destinations

Ticking off exotic locations may be a favourite pastime of ours, but when it comes to our most cherished memories, there’s nothing quite like those made on a break closer to home. The UK has some of the most beautiful, picturesque and welcoming destinations on the globe and can transport you into a whole new world, sometimes in little more than a few hours car journey. Here, we give you our pick of the kingdom.


The furthest West you can go without crossing the water, Cornwall is one of the most popular UK travel destinations, blessed with beautiful coastline and breathtaking beaches. What we love most about this English sun trap, is its abundance of cafes, bistros and restaurants that make afternoon tea a daily occurrence. So if, like us, you can’t resist a scone or two laden with fresh clotted cream and strawberry jam alongside your favourite brew, it could be an indulgent stay.

Edinburgh has become one of the UK’s most thriving homes for events on everything from classical music, to opera, theatre and dance. Alongside the festivals and foodie­ridden streets filled with markets and restaurants owned by some of the world’s top chefs, the City is also steeped deep in Scottish history, with underground vaults, Edinburgh Castle and literary tours all waiting to be explored.

With honey­stone Georgian architecture and terraces, spread across hills of rolling green, Bath is one of Britain’s most beautiful small cities. One of the best activities to indulge in there is to sink (literally) into the history of the area, in its Roman Baths, which host Britain’s only naturally warm, mineral­rich waters including the open­air rooftop variety. Just heavenly.

Lake District
If you asked English Poet William Wordsworth where would be best to summer, chances are his answer would have been the Lake District. This glorious region, offers some of the UK’s most delectable English scenery, with open stretches of romantic castles, secluded lakeside hotels, cottages and cosy pubs ­ which all set the scene for a perfect stay.


If you’re looking for a break that’s quintessentially British, you would be hard pushed to find somewhere better than Yorkshire. From the soaring beauty of the Dales, through to sandy beaches, moors and charming cobbled streets, there’s something for everyone in this British haven. And the Yorkshire puddings? Well they’re just as good as everyone says.

So there you have it, our bucket list of top UK destinations that are a must­see for anyone looking for that perfect, British break. What are your favourites? Make sure you tweet and let us know.

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